What If…?

What if at the conclusion of Secret Wars, back in 1984, the heroes (and villains) never returned? What if, as recounted in What If? (Volume 2) #114, the children of those who left earth returned?

What kind of world would they find?

Eighties heroics meets the modern world, but it's a world that had its most famous heroes disappear thirty years ago.

Reed Richards died at the end of the war, stranding everyone else. Bruce Banner figured out how to get back home, but it took him thirty years.

Character creation will be based on who your parents are. But if the canon Secret Wars didn't include a character that you want as a parent, that's okay. So you can approach it from "I really want to be able to do this; what parentage gets me that?" or "I want to be the child of [X] and [Y]; what kind of powers does that give me?" Either is fine.

The only way to be a child of Reed Richards is to be Valeria, requiring Sue Richards to have also gone to Battleworld. Also, this would make your character the oldest one by default.

I reserve the right to veto any hero or villain. The reason for such a veto will usually be:

  1. They didn't exist in 1984. So no, Deadpool can't be your father, even if he's been retconned into Secret Wars.
  2. They're capable of leaving Battleworld and getting home on their own. So no, Silver Surfer can't be your father.

Obviously, Contacts, Resources, and Popularity will be handled very differently.

Marvel Super-Heroes: Secret Wars, 30 years later